USI-SUPSI Campus Artwork Competition. "L'orientamento nel cortile" unveiled


Institutional Communication Service

10 November 2022

The Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS), through the Division of Culture and University Studies (DCSU), announced the unveiling of "L'orientamento nel cortile", one of the winning entries in the artwork competition coordinated by the Office of Cultural Support. 

The unveiling of Adriana Beretta's work "L'orientamento nel cortile" was held on Thursday, 10 November, at the USI-SUPSI University Campus in Lugano-Viganello. It is an essential work, unobtrusive but of great symbolic power. A strong artistic gesture, respectful of the architectural concept, sublimated thanks to the insertion on the ground of the inner plaza of a 65-meter-long brass line to symbolise the needle of a compass that marks the orientation of the building and, by translation, of the research that takes place here. 

In attendance at the event were: Manuele Bertoli, State Councillor and director of DECS; Lorenzo Cantoni, Deputy Rector of USI; Milena Properzi, director of the Department of Innovative Technologies at SUPSI; and Manuela Kahn-Rossi, president of the Cultural Consultative Commission (CCC). 

Following the unveiling was a panel discussion with Adriana Beretta, author of the work and Simone Tocchetti, architect co-author of the USI-SUPSI Campus project, moderated by Annalisa Viati Navone, full professor of history and culture of architecture at Versailles, École nationale supérieure d'architecture, and researcher at the Archivio del moderno (USI). 

The issue in the DCSU Notebooks series titled "Icons for the University. Artworks on the Lugano-Viganello and Mendrisio 2022 Campuses", edited by the Office of Cultural Support, was also presented. More information on the publication at this link. (Italian only)