The second edition of #FormulaUSI 2022


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14 November 2022

The second #FormulaUSI was held on 11 and 13 November 2022 at the Multipurpose Room of the Lugano East Campus. The competition was organised by the Software Institute. It featured 10 teams of young students and IT researchers from 11 different nationalities programming and racing a scaled self-driving car on the track. The tournament winner was the "Franco Alonso" team with members Luca de Felice, Matteo Martinoli, Claudio Milanesi and Edoardo Riggio.

The #FormulaUSI 2022 challenges were two: lane keeping and head-to-head tournament. First, the participants had to programme a 1:16 scale car based on the Donkey Car project to drive autonomously around a track at the highest possible speed. In the second challenge, however, their vehicle had to compete against another car in a series of head-to-head knockout races. In both challenges, the toy cars had to drive autonomously, using artificial intelligence algorithms. 

Registration opened on Friday afternoon before making way for the keynote speeches by Marco Coppini and Matteo Corno, which were broadcast live on YouTube and can be viewed here. Saturday morning was dedicated to free practice on the two training circuits and the first lane-keeping race in the evening. Sunday morning featured the second lane-keeping competition, followed by the head-to-head knockout tournament.

The "Franco Alonso" team won the knockout tournament with members Luca de Felice, Matteo Martinoli, Claudio Milanesi and Edoardo Riggio, thus winning the first prize of 4,000 francs. The "DonkeyCorns" team consisting of Hanna De Maria, Andrea Romdhana, Jon Ayerdi and Andrea Doreste made second place and won the prize of 2,000 francs, followed by "Zürcher" of Jacqueline Dort, Janis Märki and Leo Vogel winning the third prize of 1,000 francs.

As for the lane-keeping challenge, both prizes for the best overall lap time and the best average lap time went to the winners of the knockout tournament "Franco Alonso" team.


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