Elena Spigarelli, Sr. Project Manager - Digital Marketing and Sales Stream Lead, Vodafone


Alumni Service

14 November 2022

In order to help current students and recent graduates to find their way in the working world, many of our alumni shared their career story. Here the story of Elena Spigarelli, Sr. Project Manager - Digital Marketing and Sales Stream Lead in Vodafone in Milan. USI Degree: Master in Marketing, 2016

How did you start your career?

During the last year of master I did an Erasmus Internship in Germany, working for FlixBus. After 9 months I had the opportunity to particiapate to a Job career day in Milan and I got in contact with Vodafone. After 3 interviews mainly based on my academical and professional experiences: of course the part of my experiences based in Germany has been one of the most important part during my interviews. I started my career in Vodafone as an Intern and then I moved to the graduate program.

Why did you choose a career in Vodafone?

I mainly choose Vodafone for the Graduate Program that they offer.

What is your current role/duties?

At the end of the graduate program I started a new job in artificial Intelligence in order to launch a new digital tool into the market for customer care. Today I still work for the same department but I become responsible for the product selling through AI.

In your opinion, what are the qualities necessary for a successful career in Vodafone?

Open minded, Flexible, Resilient, positive minded, creative.

What positive aspects and qualities meant most to you during the study programme you attended?

  • Internationality;
  • Group working minded.

What competences and/or skills acquired in your USI Study Program have been useful/are useful to your professional career?

  • Working grop;
  • Internation mind;
  • Marketing knowledge.

What is your advice to USI students entering the job market?

Do international experiences (academical and professional) during university years.