Accademia Mendrisio Alumni AMA


In 2020 AMA Association - Academy Mendrisio Alumni was founded for the 25th anniversary of the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio. The newborn association is open to all alumni of the Academy who wish to come together, share their experiences, and pass them on to current students. AMA organises events, seminars and exhibitions in collaboration with USI Alumni and the Academy of Architecture.

AMA is an open place where all the Alumni of the Academy can sign up and actively participate. As a driving force of ideas and cultural exchange, it explores, through events, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions, the challenges, research, and results of the daily work of all those who have walked the hallways of Turconi and Canavée. A way to open a dialogue with current students, and help the new generations make their way to their future careers.


For more information and to subscribe go to AMA website.