The academic year 2022-2023 in figures


Institutional Communication Service

19 December 2022

In the 2022-23 academic year, the number of USI students experienced a further increase to 4190 enrolled students. "For the fourth consecutive time, we are registering record numbers in enrollment",- said Deputy Rector Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, who will lead the university until the arrival of the Rector-designate in July-"It is an honour and an important responsibility that Università della Svizzera italiana has been chosen by more and more students as a place to grow culturally, professionally and personally." Success in competitive research is also confirmed, with about 27 million CHF in funding obtained by researchers active on the Lugano, Mendrisio and Bellinzona campuses.


Enrollment on the rise

The number of students stands at 4190. Students are broken down as follows: 20% are enrolled in the Academy of Architecture, 25% in the Faculty of Economics, 24% in the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, 14% in the Faculty of Informatics, 8% in the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, and 9% in the Faculty of Theology. Those enrolled are 23% from Ticino, 10% from other cantons, 46% from Italy and 21% from other countries. Of the 4190 students enrolled at USI, 3610 are in basic education (1663 Bachelor's students and 1946 Master's students); 507 PhD students and 74 students are in a continuing education programme (Master of Advanced Studies).


Success in securing competitive research funds

USI's profile as a research-intensive university was confirmed again this year. As a reminder, competitive research is defined as research financed by funds allocated on a competitive basis with other institutions such as the European Union, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), which also financed European replacement schemes this year, the Swiss Agency for the Promotion of Innovation - Innosuisse (formerly CTI), the Swiss Conference of Universities, or private foundations. The total amount obtained by USI in 2022 is around 27 million CHF, including some 19.2 million CHF from the SNSF, 4.2 million CHF from the European Union, 1.2 million CHF from Innosuisse, 164,946 CHF from swissuniversities, and 3 million CHF from other entities.


Academic staff

Although USI is growing, it is not distancing itself from its students. A significant indicator is the academic staff (professors, lecturers, and assistants) to students ratio. A contained ratio guarantees intense interaction and dialogue throughout the academic experience. Concerning the academic staff, it is important to count by full-time equivalent units (FTE). At USI, there are 117 full professors and assistant professors, equivalent to 95.1 FTEs, 487 lecturers for 84 FTEs, 504 assistant professors and researchers for 323 FTEs, for a total of 500 FTEs of academic staff. This results in one academic staff member for every eight students. This value points to a situation that remains decidedly favourable despite solid growth in recent years.


Budget and infrastructures

USI's total budget for 2023 amounts to 101.5 million CHF, including 27.7 million in cantonal contributions. USI has four university campuses in Lugano, Mendrisio and Bellinzona. The House of Sustainability will open next academic year in Airolo.