Read&Publish agreement signed between Swiss university libraries and Oxford University Press 


Institutional Communication Service

19 December 2022

The Swiss university libraries and the publisher Oxford University Press (OUP) have concluded a two-year Read&Publish agreement.


Publish part

From January 2023, USI researchers will be able to publish Open Access (OA) articles in hybrid journals (Hybrid Open Access) of the publisher OUP free of charge, provided they are corresponding authors of the article and under contract with USI. During the article submission procedure, it is advisable to use an email address of USI or an associated institute. 

This agreement, negotiated by swissuniversities and implemented by USI Libraries, applies to all OUP hybrid journals, while Gold Open Access journals benefit from a 10% discount on APCs (Article Processing Charges). We recommend that you consult the complete listö before publishing in OA.

The agreement is capped nationally at an annual limit of articles that can be published free of charge: 298 for 2023 and 304 for 2024, which corresponds to approximately 90% of the expected Swiss output. This means that in 2023 and 2024 the agreement is likely to be suspended towards the end of the year and resumed at the beginning of the following year.


Read part

USI affiliates will have access to all journals in OUP's Full Collection, for all issues since 1996.


National strategy on OA

This further agreement, concluded after a no-deal phase (exit from negotiations, waiver of access to journals and suspension of payments to the publisher), achieves a further goal towards the realisation of the Swiss national strategy on OA at an affordable cost.

We remind you that USI, in addition to negotiating agreements with individual publishers, funds the publication of Gold OA articles in high-level peer-reviewed Open Access journals, if they are not already funded in the context of an SNF project.

The USI libraries are available for additional information about the Read&Publish agreement, as well as on OA publishing in general.