Circolo Liberale di Cultura Carlo Battaglini Conference - Attack on the Liberal State 

Institutional Communication Service

Date: 8 February 2023 / 18:30 - 20:30


The conference "Attack on the Liberal State" organised by the Circolo Liberale di Cultura Carlo Battaglini with the support of USI will be held on Wednesday, 8 February 2023, at 6:30 pm at the Auditorium of Università della Svizzera italiana. Guests will be Lucio Caracciolo, editor of the Italian geopolitics magazine Limes, and Carlo Lottieri, professor of Philosophy of Law in Verona. 

From the invasion of the Capitol in Washington to the invasion of government buildings in Brasilia, from bombs on Kiev to military exercises against Hong Kong, to name but a few recent events. In truth, for several years, liberal democracies have been under attack, seeming to show their fragility, challenged in their foundation by populist ideas and new or old "autocracies." For far too long, we have let this slide out of self-interest, negligence, or indifference. While instead, respect for institutions and the defence of rights and civil liberties require more than ever that we keep our attention focused on defending what we have painstakingly built. To do so, the Carlo Battaglini Association invites the public to an evening of reflection featuring two distinguished guests: 

  • Lucio Caracciolo, journalist, essayist and professor. With a degree in philosophy from La Sapienza University in Rome, he directs the Italian geopolitics magazine Limes, which he founded in 1993, and the Eurasian Review of Geopolitics Heartland, founded in 2000. He is considered one of the leading Italian geopolitics experts and a member of the scientific committee of the Italy-USA Foundation. 
  • Carlo Lottieri is a professor, essayist and writer. He holds a degree in philosophy; he was one of the founders of the Bruno Leoni Institute and, after 20 years at the University of Siena, is now a professor of Philosophy of Law in Verona. His research has paid particular attention to liberal philosophy, evolutionary law, sovereignty theory, federalism and institutional competition. 

Roberto Antonini, journalist, will act as moderator. 

Refreshments will follow at the end of the meeting, 8 pm approx. The evening is free and open to all. 

More information at the dedicated website.