"Interdisciplinary approaches to gender and diversity" - a course by USI Equal Opportunities Service


Institutional Communication Service

3 February 2023

The first edition of a new optional inter-faculty course organised by USI Equal Opportunities Service and entitled 'Interdisciplinary approaches to gender and diversity' will be held in the spring semester of 2023.

The course, worth 3 ECTS, was developed by the USI Equal Opportunities Service and funded by the BAREVA Foundation

As part of the Bachelor of Communication programme, the course is aimed at students of all faculties. It draws on the multidisciplinary expertise of lecturers from USI and other national universities. 

Using an interdisciplinary approach, the course invites reflection on the concept of gender and diversity declined in all academic disciplines and is structured as follows: 

Thinking        Introducing students to the key concepts of gender and diversity studies.

Seeing          Enabling students to confidently apply the key concepts of gender and diversity studies through the analysis of case studies. 

Making          Present the cross-cutting nature of gender and diversity studies and their relevance to a variety of professional and academic fields.

Managing      Illustrating how the concepts of gender and diversity are concretely applied by researchers and practitioners in media and communication, economics and                    management, data science and informatics, architecture and design.

The course includes lectures in seminar mode and can be followed in person or via Microsoft Teams. The lectures will take place on the WEST Campus in Lugano, with the exception of the lecture on 17 April which will be held in Mendrisio at the Academy of Architecture.

To enrol, please follow the procedures of your Faculty.


Further details and information on scheduling are on the course page or by writing to [email protected]