Enhancing the collaboration between university and companies: lessons from the USI Transfer workshop


Institutional Communication Service

9 March 2023

The development of corporate relations requires constant commitment. The driving force for academia is to develop and transfer innovative research projects that bring value to the corporate world. "How to successfully approach Industry", the USI Transfer workshop organised for USI professors and researchers, addressed the issue of the skills and conditions required to enhance research activities and successfully approach a corporate partner.

Two worlds of different cultures, the academic and the corporate, whose interaction generates innovation and value to benefit both. USI Transfer, with its workshop 'How to successfully approach Industry', held on 14 February, 1 and 7 March, explored the criticalities and benefits of collaboration between universities and companies, challenging participants to reflect critically on its importance, not without providing useful elements and strategies for optimising relations with industrial partners.

"I strongly believe that collaboration between the university and companies benefits both parties and has a positive and lasting impact on the region," commented Lorenzo Leoni, Managing Partner of TiVentures, who conducted one of the workshop sessions, bringing his own experience as a successful professor and entrepreneur.

"Relations with companies are important and stimulating for the university and require competence, sensitivity and the adoption of a common language," comments Prof. Luca Maria Gambardella, Pro-rector for innovation and corporate relations at USI.


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