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17 March 2023

To be conscious citizens of the digital society where we spend a significant part of our time, we need to be familiar with both the recent technology behind smartphones, apps and social networks and the much older technology that exist inside our brain, which has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years in very different settings from the present. The two go hand in hand: the algorithms of YouTube and TikTok are, in fact, linked to the mechanisms of our brains.

This month, in the focus dedicated to technology in collaboration with laRegione, we welcomed Rosalba Morese, lecturer at USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences. 

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Nowadays, technology and information technology play a fundamental role in everyone's life. Their constant presence offers opportunities and challenges that are not always easy. To help us gain a better understanding of the often complex issues, the daily newspaper La Regione offers a monthly column in which USI faculty and researchers provide perspectives and insights into the varied dimensions that characterise the digital age.


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