The intermediate academic body in the Senate


Institutional Communication Service

17 April 2023

USI's intermediate academic body is also represented in the Academic Senate, which comprises PhD students-assistants, postdoctoral assistants, teaching and scientific collaborators, atelier collaborators-architects, lecturer-researchers and lecturers on an annual contract with main activity at USI. Here is the testimony of Chiara Mercuri, representative of the intermediate body in the Senate. 


What has been your experience in the Senate? 

The experience has been one of continuous discovery of aspects concerning the workings of the University that I would not have known otherwise, e.g. reflection on the annual budget.  


Why is it important to take part in the Senate? 

Participating in the Senate is important to represent the interests of the intermediate body. This can be done by taking a position on the issues discussed or making new proposals.


Why run for office? 

Running for office offers the opportunity to gain personal knowledge of aspects related to the University and contribute to the development of USI by paying particular attention to the role of the intermediate body.   


What does the role of a senator entail? 

In addition to meetings, the role entails participation in specific committees and a willingness to reflect on various issues with the other members of the intermediate body.