Half a day with Thymio robots


Institutional Communication Service

2 May 2023

The Workshop organised by the USI Faculty of Informatics on programming Thymio robots took place on Friday, 21 April, at Scuola Media di Barbengo.

22 girls and boys from mixed classes had the opportunity to meet and programme robots with the help of Andrea Brites Marto, Aron Dalle Pezze, and Sasha Toscano, respectively students at USI Master in Software and Data Engineering, Master in Informatics and Bachelor in Informatics.

Thymio is a small robot designed for educational purposes, suitable for all age groups. The Workshop has been organised to promote informatics in schools to draw pupils' interest in technology and, in this case, informatics through programming.

"Thymio robots have various sensors: proximity, reflected light, and others," Andrea Brites Marto explains, "thanks to these features, we are able to programme them so that they can react to different circumstances. Furthermore, the programming is done through a visual programming language".