The USI medal


Institutional Communication Service

6 May 2023

Università della Svizzera italiana has introduced a new honour, the USI Medal, starting with its 27th Dies academicus. It is bestowed as a mark of recognition to those who have particularly distinguished themselves for "their important contribution to the development of Università della Svizzera italiana". The University Council will determine the recipients, and the medal will be bestowed during the Dies academicus ceremony.

The USI Medal features a unique design that is an artistic interpretation of the university's logo, a variation featuring different layers: this harmonious movement from different directions supports the letters "USI". The medal thus represents the energy that surrounds the university, unleashed by the region and the people who support it and - in different ways - contribute to its development. Each medal is a unique piece, handmade in solid silver, and created using the lost-wax casting technique and sculptural ornamentation.

The medal was created by goldsmith Maros from Lugano, who also designed the Rector's Chain. She translated USI's request to honour with a medal those important for its development as follows: "Variations, is the motto that best represents this work," she says, "and on my medals, you can read the fruit of orogenesis in our territory, unequal peaks that in harmony mark our time."