Graduation for 16 school headmasters


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9 May 2023

The fifth Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS) in "Training Management for Heads of Educational Institutions", in partnership between SUFFP, SUPSI and USI, ended on Wednesday, 3 May, at the former Augustinian convent in Monte Carasso.  16 Heads of Educational Institutions from each school system have successfully completed this one-year training course that began in January 2022.

For decades now, teaching and scientific research have highlighted the importance of what goes on in schools (in particular in municipal, middle, upper-middle and vocational training schools), showing that there is a strong link between the type of management that prevails there and the actual ability to achieve pedagogical and didactic objectives. This is why there is a growing awareness, both at a political level and in professional practice, of the need for those in charge of institutes and training institutions to possess good management and leadership skills, as well as pedagogical, didactic, cultural and scientific ones, to respond in the best and most innovative way to the needs expressed by society and the economy in terms of knowledge and skills to be trained, coached and refined continuously.

The following earned the certificate: Ambrosio Antonello; Bellanca Morena; Blättler Benno; Böhny Davide; Bolzonella Borruat Michela; Boutefah Sara; Esposito Aline; Fara Pascal; Hägler Paolo; Imberti Marika; Maggi Flavio; Pedretti Davide; Puggioni Butti Manuela; Rossi Clio; Santoro Rachele; Scotti Fabrizio.

In the meantime, in January 2023, 22 new directors or management staff started the sixth GeFo SAC, which will end in December 2023.

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