Large turnout at "Campus in festa"


Institutional Communication Service

15 May 2023

On Saturday, over 600 people, including citizens from Mendrisio and other parts of the Canton, visited the USI Academy of Architecture and SUPSI's Department of Environment, Construction, and Design for the "Campus in festa" event. The visitors had the opportunity to learn about the institutions and their activities.

The open day, desired and supported by the City of Mendrisio as part of its tenth-anniversary celebrations, brought the population closer and created a dialogue between the people and the academic world, which can sometimes be perceived as distant and inaccessible.

Numerous families, in particular, accepted the invitation and took advantage of the rich programme of activities dedicated to children. From creating silhouettes with polystyrene at the USI Academy of Architecture to the treasure hunt in the Materioteca to the hail-throwing show at SUPSI: hundreds of children experienced the spaces usually inhabited by the academic community for a day.

Also top-rated were the two universities' guided tours, discovering where the training and research activities of what is now considered the cantonal centre for architecture, construction and design take place.

A lunch was held at the new SUPSI Campus where the City of Mendrisio provided over 400 dishes of risotto. Attendees included Mayor Samuele Cavadini, Director Jean-Pierre Candeloro of the Department of Environment, Construction and Design at SUPSI, and USI Deputy Rector Lorenzo Cantoni. They expressed gratitude to all who participated with enthusiasm.