SNSF - PROMYS, Support for researchers in Bulgaria

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Submission deadline: 29 February 2024

Deadline: 29 February, 2024
PROMYS is an SNSF funding initiative under Switzerland's second EU contribution, backed by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).
It seeks to prevent brain drain by offering top researchers in Bulgaria appealing career prospects, while boosting the country's research landscape.
Applicants must meet these conditions:

  • EU-27 countries + Switzerland nationality or 3+ years' research/study in these regions.
  • PhD or 3+ years' research after higher education.
  • 3+ years' research after PhD.
  • 1+ year PhD/postdoc in Switzerland, aiming for assistant professor in Bulgaria.
  • Apply within 6 years of PhD or equivalent defense.
  • Planned/existing role in Bulgarian research institution.

Funding and duration
The maximum amount for a five-year project is CHF 625,000 and up to 3 grants can be awarded.  
The duration of the project is 60 months and proposals with a shorter duration will not be considered. The grant must be started between 1 October and 1 December 2024.  
Eligible PROMYS grant costs include research funds (supplies, travel, etc.), salaries and related expenses (within institution norms), equipment (up to 20% of budget with quotes for > CHF 50,000 items), field/travel/data expenses, conference/workshop organization, and research-related cooperation/networking.
Timeline of the call
Opening Date: 21.08.2023
Deadline Pre-Registration: 29.09.2023
Closing Date: 30.11.2023 
Further information
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