Horizon Europe info days - Cluster 2 and Brokerage event

Research Service

Date: 18 October 2023 / 10:00 - 16:00

This info day aims to inform (potential) applicants about topics included in the Cluster 2 'Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Societies' work programme for 2024.
Cluster 2 harnesses the diverse expertise within European social sciences and humanities (SSH) to delve into the profound contemporary changes occurring in society, the economy, politics, and culture. Its primary goal is to generate policy recommendations rooted in solid evidence, with a focus on fostering a socially equitable and inclusive European shift towards sustainability and digitalization, as well as post-COVID-19 recovery efforts. Our upcoming projects will align with the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan (2021-2024) in three key areas:

  • Enhancing democracy and governance;
  • Preserving and promoting European cultural heritage and nurturing the cultural and creative industries;
  • Addressing social and economic transformations.

Detailed programme

Net4Society Cluster 2 Networking Platform

The Networking Platform is open all year round and offers you the chance to find partners for all upcoming Cluster 2 calls. 
The Net4SocietyHE brokerage event and pitch presentation session will be organized on the following day, 19.10.2023.
Participants can now book their place in their B2Match profiles. 
The networking platform brings together participants from all over Europe and beyond. It is the unique opportunity to generate new contacts and to build up project consortia. 
Participants have the opportunity to pre-arrange meetings with other participants in order to identify possible collaborators and to facilitate the setup of Horizon Europe project consortia.