The war between Israel and Hamas and the polarisation of public opinion


Institutional Communication Service

30 October 2023

The war between Israel and Hamas is heightening polarisation within Western public opinion, with heated confrontations between supporters of one side and the other. On this topic, Quotidiano RSI interviewed Federica Frediani, head of the MEM Summer Summit at USI.

Federica Frediani explained that the current situation poses a challenge to the values of freedom of expression and plurality of opinion. We are witnessing a growing polarisation, which makes it difficult to analyse complex issues. People tend to express their own views without seeking a space for constructive debate with those who hold different opinions. Frediani stressed that creating such sides is the last thing we need.

In the face of disinformation and the difficulties in verifying news and images from the conflict scenario, it is necessary to adopt particular caution and recognise that we have a collective responsibility for the content we help to disseminate.


MEM 2023: the interviews

As we witness the unfolding humanitarian crisis and the growing tensions and violence that threaten to ignite the entire region, we wonder if dialogue is still possible. We believe that, now more than ever, it is crucial to remember the significance of human relationships and the opportunities for knowledge and respect for differences promoted and fostered by MEM. The interviews with facilitators Tom Vizel and Younes Zangiabadi and with participants Sena Taha and Mustafa Al-Soufi during the 2023 edition of the MEM Summer Summit, in collaboration with Radio Gwen, are a testament to the power of dialogue and the importance of creating spaces for mutual understanding.
MEM Sessions - Episode 1 - Interview with Younes Zangiabadi and Tom Vizel
MEM Sessions - Episode 2 - Interview with Sena Taha and Mustafa Al-Soufi