The Student corporation autumn semester plenary meeting


Student Corporation

30 November 2023

The Corporation plenary meeting was held on 14 November at the Lugano West Campus. The semestral meeting gathers the Student Council and the advisory boards (the extended council and the student associations committee) that assist the Student council by providing ideas and food for thought.

The members of the extended council and the student associations committee have a proposal and advisory function within the Student corporation and are also the student body's representatives. Discover more about the Structure of the Corporation.

The Corporation's budget, the management of the spaces for students, the association's project, and opportunities for collaboration are some of the topics discussed during the meeting. The plenary meeting is an opportunity to maintain an open and constructive dialogue within the student community as well as with the Prorectorate for Education and Students' experience.

We remind you that you will have the chance to share your ideas, your initiatives, your thoughts, and your doubts and be the voice of the students to improve and make your student experience and relations on Campus more interesting, creative, pleasant, and, also, have fun, throughout the students' representatives and the Corporation organization.

Would you like to attend as a guest at the spring semester meeting? Please contact [email protected] .