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Submission deadline: 19 April 2024

Deadline: 19 April, 2024
The SNSF is launching the 2024 call for Swiss-based projects associated with COST networks (COST Actions).
This year, the SNSF is once again launching a call for COST proposals to support work conducted in Switzerland within the scope of the recently approved COST Actions of the series CA201##, CA211## and CA221##. 


  • Applicants can submit an application even if holding or applying for another SNSF grant, provided the projects have separate topics or goals.
  • Must hold a doctorate with at least one year of post-doctoral research experience or equivalent qualifications (minimum four years of primary research activity post higher education degree).
  • Only one application per submission date.
  • Maximum of one COST Project per COST Action.
  • Researchers contributing to a project without leading it, including those from higher education, public institutions, and non-profit organizations, even outside Switzerland. Must not use SNSF support as their own grant.

Funding and Duration

Maximum Duration: 48 months.
Start Date: Earliest start date is 1 January 2025, with projects starting within 6 months of funding decision.
Maximum Funding: CHF 400,000 for a four-year project, reduced proportionally for shorter projects. 
Eligible Costs: Includes salaries, social security, research funds, collaboration costs, and field expenses.
Ineligible Costs: Applicants' own salary and salaries of project partners.
Timeline of the call
Pre-registration: 8 March,2024
Submission: 19 April, 2024 17:00 Swiss local time
Further information
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