Students from all over Europe (including Oxford) for the Master in Philosophy

The library of the Aristotele College, Lugano
The library of the Aristotele College, Lugano

Institutional Communication Service

27 September 2017

15 students hailing from major European universities have registered for the first Master in Philosophy offered at USI from the beginning of this year, headed by Prof. Kevin Mulligan.

Several students have chosen to come and study in Lugano after completing their Bachelor at the Institute of Philosophical Studies of Lugano, but also after graduating from Barcelona, Durham, and Oxford. A sign in contrast with the usual flow of academic mobility in this field, which usually goes from Southern to Northern Europe. All students registered at the Master have an excellent academic record and some of them stood out (both at Durham and Oxford) among the best philosophy students in their respective programmes.

The success of the Master at USI is also due to the winning formula proposed by the Aristotle College, where many of the attendees reside. Founded in Ticino by Professor Giovanni Ventimiglia, the College is more than a simple student dormitory, it is open only to students with merit through an interview, and it offers a system of important scholarships and a supplementary academic programme.


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