"Fake News" - The Hoax

Media and Communication Service

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Friday October 13th


auditorium, Lugano campus

Fake news and hoaxes are a key subject in most current debates among the general public and experts. They run on social media but also on traditional media and though they have not been verified and they are not definitely true, they get credit and have a strong influence on public opinion.

Public service and high quality journalism are the tools to contain this kind of garbage journalism, along with the public’s awareness and critical thinking. 

RSI journalist Veronica Alippi, chief of the Radio current events, IT journalist Paolo Attivissimo and blogger David Puente (both very busy in their role of debunking, detecting and demystifying hoaxes) will tackle the issue from 6pm in the Lugano campus Auditorium. Guests will be moderated by journalist Luca Berti of La Regione.

The event is organised by the Associazione Amici RSI.