"The Wizards of Information - Part II". How to produce news tailored to governments

Marcello Foa
Marcello Foa

Institutional Communication Service

1 March 2018

How is it possible for some news to appear, monopolise the media attention, and suddenly disappear for no apparent reason? Are fake-news real or just a misleading myth? These are some of the issues that will be tackled on Tuesday, March 13 at 6pm in room A11 on Lugano campus during the presentation of the book "Gli stregoni della notizia. Atto II. Come si fabbrica informazione al servizio dei governi" (The Wizards of Information – Part II – How to produce news tailored to governments) written by Marcello Foa and published by Guerini e associati.

During the event organised by the European Journalism Observatory of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, journalist Michele Fazioli will discourse with the author.

Written to update and expand the first work published in 2006, Foa tells how it is possible to manipulate and steer information when necessary, often behind the journalists back. The book reveals the logics, techniques and tricks used by leading persuaders who work in the service of international institutions, with anecdotes and behind the scenes from current events such as the war in Iraq and Siria, Renzi and Macron’s political events, and fake-news.

Marcello Foa is CEO of the publishing group Corriere del Ticino-Media Ti, lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, and co-founder of the European Journalism Observatory (EJO). For further information on EJO: https://en.ejo.ch/