Is breathing getting us sick?


Institutional Communication Service

13 March 2018

We breathe to survive, but do we also get sick from the air we breathe? The threshold for fine dust is often exceeded in the Swiss Italian-speaking region. Respiratory problems have increased and according to experts, they are partly related to air quality. Is living in the city and next to highways getting us sick?

A public conference with:

Pietro Majno Hurst
Professor of USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
Mirco Moser
Engineer, Cantonal office for air quality
Marco Pons
Giorgio Noseda

The conference, taking place on Tuesday, March 20, at 8:30PM in the Aula magna at the Scuola media in Stabio, is part of the series “E tu come stai?” (How are you feeling?), organised within the European Research Project SPARKS by USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences L’ideatorio, in cooperation with several organisations and associations of the Swiss Italian-speaking region.

The effects of increasingly sophisticated biotechnological plants, the relationship between health and urban planning, food intolerances and trendy diets, air quality issues, the cost of healthcare, and the dynamics of the relationship between doctor and patient: all of these themes will be tackled from February to April in different locations in the Canton.

For more information:

An evening in cooperation with ASI Ticino – (The Swiss Nurses Association) and SUPSI DEASS.