Research Award in software

Gabriele Bavota
Gabriele Bavota

Institutional Communication Service

10 April 2018

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) assigned to Prof. Gabriele Bavota of the Software Institute the prestigious Early Career Researcher Award aimed at young successful researchers.

Modern software systems are probably the most complex systems created by humans: they often require millions of components to precisely interact with each other, as the ones used to manage bank transactions. The development and support of such complex systems requires tools to minimise bugs in the source code, and to grant regular and affordable maintenance. Prof. Bavota work consists in the development of techniques and tools to support the evolution and maintenance of complex software systems. An example of such research is the JITRA project recently funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The project aims at developing a new generation of tools to improve automatically the quality of software systems, thus easing their maintenance.

According to Prof. Michele Lanza, director of USI Software Institute: “The international prize ACM, awarded once a year, is not conferred to a single project but to the early and intense career of Prof. Bavota, a researcher we are proud to have among us”.


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