Honours for a high school degree thesis supported by USI

Dei recettori RTK e COX
Dei recettori RTK e COX

Institutional Communication Service

13 July 2018

The Ticino Pharmaceutics Association and the Ticino Society for Biomedical and Chemical Sciences has awarded a thesis written by Lugano 1 high school graduate Tetsafe De Angeli, entitled “Study of RTK and COX receptors through computational chemistry methods”. The paper was produced with the support of Vittorio Limongelli, professor of Pharmaceutics and Computational Biology at the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, and his assistant Simone Aureli. 

The thesis was awarded "for the presence of an introduction to the well-structured theme and the conclusions obtained with scientifically robust criteria, for the study of an innovative approach that is computational methodology, useful for the study of new therapeutic applications in the chemical pharmaceutical field". 

Prof. Limongelli said that, “It was a pleasure to assist Tetsafe in his investigation of this topic, which is indeed increasingly relevant from a scientific point of view and useful – and forward-looking - from a medical point of view as well. The study of the inhibitors of the Cycloxygenase enzyme in a computational context will enable the development of anti-inflammatory drugs increasingly effective for various diseases. It’s great that science and the rigorous discipline of chemistry are appreciated already in high school for what they are: powerful tools for building a better world”.