USI ranks first in Europe in Software Engineering

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26 October 2018

According to the new CSRankings (Computer Science Rankings), the system that classifies Faculties of Informatics around the world, USI ranks first in Europe and eighth worldwide in the field of software engineering.   

In the European rankings, USI comes before ETH Zurich and University College London. Worldwide, there are only seven universities before USI, among which historical centers of scientific research in the field such as Carnegie Mellon University, and University of British Columbia.

This remarkable accomplishment has been achieved thanks to the cutting-edge research carried out by some of the Professors at USI Faculty of Informatics who, in recent years, have published and presented important scientific papers in the most important conferences in the field.   

As the Director of USI Software Institute, Michele Lanza, points out: “Since its foundation in 2004 the Faculty of Informatics has been relying on a strong Software Engineering area. A strength that has increased since last year with the birth of the Software Institute. This important goal could be achieved also thanks to the leading researchers who landed at USI in the past three years. To name a few: Prof. Gabriele Bavota, who was awarded this year with the “ACM Early Career Researcher Award"; Prof. Carlo Alberto Furia, expert in formal methods, and last but not least Prof. Paolo Tonella, who in 2018 won an ERC Advanced Grant. These recruitments made USI jump to the top of European rankings and in the world’s top ten. What I like about CSRankings is that they are impartial and not subject to manipulation. Although it should be noted that there is no such thing as a perfect ranking. In any case we got off to a very good start, with plenty of room for improvement, represented by the 7 universities ahead of us in the world rankings”.  

USI Software Institute was created to serve as an international benchmark for software engineering research and development, and to ease the transfer of fundamental research in the field of informatics. Supported by USI Faculty of Informatics, the Software Institute relies on three cornerstones: education, research, and development, through which the Institute will open up to applied research by taking part in startup projects in the field of software. The Institute will also take on the role of business incubator, facilitating technological transfer to the business sector.  

USI Software Institute is organised in five research groups and one development and research group, CodeLounge, established in 2018 and led by Dr. Marco D’Ambros, from Palantir Technologies, a company in the Silicon Valley that specialises in big data analytics.

Concerning education, the Institute has launched in 2017 the Master in Software & Data Engineering, directed by Prof. Cesare Pautasso, a new study programme that will train experts in designing and improving complex IT systems of today and the future.


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