Socially Responsible Management

Socially Responsible Management Track

The Socially Responsible Management track offers a cluster of courses dealing with the social, environmental and long-term responsibility of corporations. The track emphasizes managers need to consider the broader challenges posed to corporations and use their managerial skills to design and manage socially sustainable enterprises. Courses on this track include Corporate Social Sustainability, Business Ethics, Social Entrepreneurship, courses that help students understand the common tradeoffs faced by corporations and how to navigate such tradeoffs to design sustainable organizations.

As organizations today face more stringent social and environmental regulations and associated costs, they reward managers who have the capacity to understand and properly address these challenges. This track takes a broader perspective on such managerial challenges, helping students to be better prepared to address them.

Students who appreciate the broader implications of business practices, who care about social and environmental sustainability, and are curious about the impact of organizations would benefit from the concepts and topics covered in courses in this track.

2nd Semester


ESG I: Corporate Governance


3rd Semester


Applied Social Entrepreneurship


Business Ethics


Corporate Social Responsibility


Social Innovation


Sustainable Management