The programme develops the skills necessary to perform successfully in business organisations from start-ups to multinational companies.

The range of career opportunities for graduates of the MSc in Management is quite wide. In fact, as a Master in Management is not highly vocational, it does not narrow down the professional paths into something really specific. Graduates can find good opportunities in small and medium-sized enterprises, large organizations, banks, or they can also start their own company. This last, an entrepreneurial career, is becoming a more common choice than in the past.

The skills you gain on this management degree allow you to contribute to your employer's organisation quickly and effectively

Lastly, our Master in Management gives really good career opportunities to its students, thanks to the strong relationships that it has developed with the local enterprises, with the national environment, and also with the international contest.


Employability Data

92% of Management graduates are employed one year after graduation and find their first job very quickly, on average in 1,6 months: 55% of the students already have a job by graduation, and almost another 30% find employment within 3 months from graduation.

  • Employed                         92%
  • Average Time to job*        1.6 months
    (83% within 3 months: 55% before graduation)


Place of work %


  • Ticino
  • Other Swiss Cantons



Italy 14
Other Countries 33


Industries (main) %
Banking, Finance, Insurance Services 21.1
Luxury goods, Fashion, Accessories 15.8
Strategic Management consulting/Audit 9.6
Pharmaceuticals, Medical technology 7.0
Educational, Research institutions 6.1
Retail 4.4
Fiscal, Legal consulting 4.4
Informatics, Technology, Web 4.4
Consumer goods 3.5
Automotive 3.5
All others 20.2


Functions (main) %
Consulting 19.1
Purchasing and sales 19.1
Operations 7.8
Accounting 7.8
Marketing 7
Finance 7
Administrative 6.1
Business Development 3.5
Program and project management 3.5
Research 3.5
All others (<3%) 14.9


The average salary** is CHF 76'500.-


*Source: 2020 USI Master Survey (2015-2019)
100% gross annual salary in CH