USI Newsroom


The USI Institutional Communication Service is in charge of encouraging, coordinating, and managing all Newsroom activities. The USI Newsroom is a cross-functional project, led by the Rector, where representatives from various university departments, faculties, and institutes convene once a month to share news pertinent to the entire academic community.

The project takes inspiration from corporate newsrooms. Its goal is to align USI's communication with its strategic objectives, thanks to the presence of the Rector, and to promote internal cohesion and coherence. Additionally, it aims to ensure the best possible use of resources. 

The USI Newsroom is an open group of representatives from various components of the academic community. Anyone interested in participating, either in person or via Microsoft Teams, can email [email protected].


Current members

In addition to the staff of the Institutional Communication Service, current USI Newsroom members are:

When possible, the Rector of USI Luisa Lambertini also participates in the newsroom meetings.