Students who have, in another university or university of applied sciences in Switzerland or abroad, exceeded the number of failed examinations permitted by the Study Regulations, and have as a result been rejected by that university, shall not be admitted to study in the same Faculty or field of study (Admission and Matriculation Regulations, Art. 6).

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  • Swiss diplomas, awarded in Switzerland

    • Maturità federale and Maturità cantonale recognised by the appropriate Federal Commission;
    • Maturità commerciale cantonale;
    • Final diploma from a university of applied sciences or diploma of a technical college recognised by the appropriate federal authorities: in these cases, where the field of study selected is the same as the previous one, the single Faculties may recommend admitting candidates to an advanced level of the programme and exempt them from particular examinations or from the internship period. 
    • School-leaving certificates issued by Swiss schools abroad are equally accepted.
  • Overseas certificates

    Applicants in possession of a foreign secondary education and/or of a foreign university diploma considered to be equivalent are admitted to the undergraduate programme. As a rule, reference is made to the guidelines of the University Admissions Commission of the Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities (swissuniversities). Where equivalence cannot be unequivocally defined, candidates may be invited to attend an interview or to sit a test, and supplementary, pre-university courses may be prescribed.

    Italian diplomas
    Secondary education (or high school) diplomas conferred by the following types of schools are considered equivalent and therefore acknowledged for admission to the Bachelor programmes:

    1. Classical Gymnasium (or Lyceum);
    2. Scientific Lyceum;
    3. Language Lyceum;
    4. Social sciences (or Humanities) Lyceum.

    The following secondary education diplomas are also considered equivalent:

    1. Arts Lyceum, limited to the Bachelor programmes in Architecture and in Italian language, literature and culture;
    2. High school degree in Administration, Finance and Marketing, conferred by a vocational high school (or trade school in economics), limited to the Bachelor programmes in Economics, Communication Sciences and Informatics;
    3. High school degree in Informatics and Telecommunications, conferred by a vocational technical high school, limited to the Bachelor in Informatics.

    All other secondary education diplomas conferred by high schools or vocational high schools are not deemed equivalent. Exceptions can be taken into consideration for similar subject areas of study and upon fulfilment of the guidelines of the Admissions' Commission at swissuniversities (formerly CRUS, or Rector's Conference of the Swiss Universities).

    With concerns to degrees conferred prior to the implementation of the current set of rules and regulations, the convergence tables for secondary education programmes, as foreseen by the previous regulatory system for the high school and vocational high school system, shall apply. However, diplomas conferred by teacher training schools, professional art schools and all other four-year secondary education schools will not be acknowledged.

    As to qualifications awarded in other countries:

    • The European Baccalaureat is considered to be equivalent whereas the International Baccalaureat is accepted as a suitable equivalent only if the final average grade is above a certain class. More information are available on the swissuniversities' website.
    • A US High School final diploma is not recognised as equivalent to the required certificate of secondary education. US applicants seeking admission to USI must submit evidence of having studied for 2 years in a recognised university, or have passed 5 (five) APT (Advanced placement tests) with a minimum mark of 3, in two languages, mathematics, a natural science, and a history. Please refer to the appropriate guidelines issued by the Rectors’ Conference of Swiss Universities (swissuniversities).
  • “SPORT elite” Programme

    With the "SPORT elite" programme the Università della Svizzera italiana offers to elite athletes the chance to get involved in one of USI’s academic programmes (Bachelor or Master) and organise their schedule in a flexible manner, to ideally combine three main goals:

    • succeed in their academic studies
    • achieve high levels in their discipline
    • secure their post-career

    In particular the programme allows to:

    • take advantage of a personalised short, medium and long term study plan in order to meet the athlete's training schedule and competitions
    • extend the study plan without consequences;
    • get financial support to take part in international university competitions

    The initiative to establish a flexible programme for elite athletes, follows the approval of the Federal Assembly last 17 June, according to federal law on promotion of sports and physical activities art 1 and 16 with the objective of “promoting all offers that allow athletes to combine sports and education”.
    The “SPORT elite” programme was launched during the academic year 2013-2014, and it will be coordinated by USI’s Sports Service in the person of Giorgio Piffaretti. Thanks to its peculiar structure, the programme aims at finding solutions to the many challenges in combining professional sports careers and academics, while keeping a careful eye on academic quality.


    Criteria and Admission Procedures

    "SPORT elite" is reserved to all students/athletes with a national and international athletic resume. It is crucial to preserve the indisputable quality level of the members of the programme (high merit requirements and high commitment), and to have the possibility to keep an eye on the number of eligible students. Admission to the programme might be suspended or cancelled if serious violations are committed while requesting preferential treatment or if proper admission criteria cease to exist.

    Criteria are as follows:

    • for team sports: the student must be a player in the roster of a team competing in national league
    • individual disciplines: the student must be registered in the national roster of the Federation (for Swiss athletes: hold the Swiss Olympic Talent Card)

    Steps for admission procedures:

    1. The athletes and the affiliated club must contact the Programme Coordinator at the following address,
      Deadline: by the end of April
    2. The Coordinator will verify if all requirements to earn the status of Elite Athlete at USI are met.
      Deadline: by mid-May
    3. Preliminary meeting in which the following must attend: Programme Coordinator, the Faculty's Sport Advisor, the Athlete, the Coach or an Executive Member of the affiliated Sport's Club
      Deadline: by the end of May
    4. The Athlete and the affiliated club will be notified about the decision made regarding admission to the programme. 
      Deadline: by mid-June
    5. Athlete's enrolment in the chosen Faculty
      Deadline:by mid-August



    The "SPORT elite" programme, or the opportunity to arrange the academic schedule according to the athlete's engagements, revolves around the following key figures:


    Programme Coordinator

    Is the person in charge of USI's Sport Service, Giorgio Piffaretti whose role is to:

    • verify if all applications meet admission criteria;
    • organise the preliminary meeting between the Faculty's Sport Advisor (see below), the Athlete, the Coach or an Executive Member of the affiliated Sport's Club;
    • decide together with the Faculty's Sport Advisor the beginning of the personalised schedule for all student/athletes who are admitted into the programme;
    • monitor the sport's performance;
    • act as a reference along with the Faculty's Sport Advisor, to help solving all programme-related issues;
    • allocate financial aid for the participation in international university sport events.


    Faculty's Sport Advisor

    Each Faculty has a designated "Faculty's Sport Advisor"
    The role of the Advisor is to:

    • gather from the Programme Coordinator all application for enrolment in the student/athletes programme;
    • take part in the preliminary meeting with the Programme Coordinator, the Athlete, The Coach or an Executive Member of the affiliated Club;
    • decide with the Programme Coordinator the beginning of the personalised schedule for all student/athletes who are admitted into the programme
    • monitor academic performance;
    • act as reference with the Programme Coordinator to help solving all programme-related issues.
  • Mature students (‘su dossier’)

    Candidates aged 25 or more, although not in possession of the required certificate of secondary education, may be admitted if their previous training and work experience (appropriately documented in their application file) is considered to be sufficient and relevant.