Structure and contents

The study programme consists of a series of theoretical lectures and design studios dedicated to arguments and methods of architectural design in its different forms (housing, services industry, culture, etc.) and scales (from interior design to the architectural structure all the way up to the urban and territorial plan).

The programme draws on two different but correlated teaching approaches.

The first consists in theoretical courses pertaining to the methodological, technological and historical knowledge that will enable future architects to explore central themes of contemporary architectural culture critically.

The second approach entails, each semester, the choice of a design studio which focuses on a specific project typology, whether architectural or urban. In the years of the Master students are asked to produce one theoretical paper on topics of their own choice with the approval of a teacher.

The last semester is entirely dedicated to the drafting of the final thesis, which consists in a project that is related to a topic chosen by the design studio professor. Although each professor chooses a different topic to be developed by his students, all concern a specific site selected by the school.

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  • Language

    The main teaching language is Italian. Proficiency language certificates are not required but students are invited to join the optional Italian course (for both beginners and advanced users) before the beginning of the semester. Some courses are taught in English. Students are required a basic knowledge.