In order to be admitted to the Joint Master degree programme (MSc) in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication, candidates must possess:

  • a Bachelor's degree in Psychology or a Major in Psychology granted by a recognised university. Italian candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree in Psychology equivalent to former Ministerial Decree n. 270, Classification L-24 "Scienze e Tecniche Psicologiche" or to former Ministerial Decree n.509/99, Classification L-24 "Scienze e Tecniche Psicologiche" or to the former five-year degree programs in Psychology
  • at least 88 ECTS within the various field of psychology
  • an average mark equal to or higher than 24/30 (Italian score) or 8/10 (Swiss score)

Candidates who have not graduated yet may submit their application if they complete all the exams by September 18, 2023, and obtain the final academic qualification by December 18, 2023. Attendance to classes is, in any case, compulsory from the beginning of the first semester.

Candidates are admitted to the Master's Degree in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication according to the chronological order of applications. Up to 30 students will be admitted to the master's programme.

For more detailed information, please carefully read UNI-SR Competition Regulation.

Please check the language requirements below.

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  • Language

    The admission to English-language Master programmes at USI requires a good command of English. Non-native English speakers applying to the Master’s or whose previous degree was obtained in another language, are required to provide an internationally acknowledged language certificate equal to the B2 level as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning (CEFR) or equivalent (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

    The language certificate must be included in the application package.
    We only accept the English qualifications mentioned below. The certificate must still be valid at the point of the application. We generally cannot accept language test results older than three years as of September 1st.

    The B2 level on the CEFR corresponds to the following scores in internationally acknowledged exams:




    Computer-based: 183
    Internet-based*: 65
    Paper-based: 513

    Cambridge English

    B2 First


    Listening & Reading: 785
    Speaking: 150
    Writing: 160

    Whilst it is a crucial requirement to be fluent in English, you do not need to know or learn Italian to participate in the proposed study programme.


    *Update 30.01.2023 - Academic Year 2023/24
    Certificates obtained by passing the IELTS Academic Online or TOEFL iBT Home Edition tests may also be submitted for admission to the programme.


    As Lugano is located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, students might be interested in acquiring the basics in Italian, in order to be able to get around in everyday life.
    The Università della Svizzera italiana offers an Italian language study programme organized in various modules. All its non-Italian-speaking students, researchers and professors are invited to participate free of charge.

    1. Preparative intensive course for beginners
      In the three weeks preceding the beginning of the fall term, an intensive Italian class is organised.
    2. Courses offered during the semesters
      Several Italian classes with different levels of difficulties are organised during the academic year.

    Read all details about the Italian classes offered at USI, here.