Advanced Topics in Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology is the study of the mental processes involved in acquiring, processing, and storing knowledge (e.g., perception, attention, memory, thinking and reasoning). These processes are involved in any form of communication and are key especially in non-verbal communication.

In the course, we will examine in depth selected topics in these processes and the role they play in communicating. To this aim, we will focus in particular on contemporary theories of perception; on relationships between perception and attention, memory, and reasoning; on contemporary approaches to social cognition. Implications for health-related contexts, such as health communication within different media, health risk prevention, and communication in clinical settings will be discussed.

Course Objectives

• To achieve an advanced comprehension of advanced topics in cognitive psychology, with a focus on issues that are most relevant for understanding non-verbal communication.

• To become familiar with current controversies in the cognitive literature.

• To demonstrate the ability to analyse, synthesise, compare, and contrast relevant literature.

• To understand how operating principles of human cognition apply to real-world communication in healthcare settings.

Course Schedule

The course will be organised in 12 teaching units (4 hours each, ideally one day/unit), with corresponding readings. Readings for unit 1 will be summarised and discussed by the instructor but students will still be expected to participate in the discussion., so remember to read the materials.

Readings for units 2 - 11 will be summarised and discussed by students.

Course instructor: Prof. Alemanno, Serino

Semester: Spring