Nationalisms according to the numbers: Lars-Erik Cederman guest at the 23rd USI Dies academicus


Institutional Communication Service

24 April 2019

The 23rd Dies academicus will be held on Saturday, 4 May, at 10 am in the Lugano campus Aula magna. The ceremony is open to all interested parties on a first-come-first-serve basis (to register: [email protected]). The Dies is the annual celebration in which the university opens its doors to the community and stakeholders. This year the guest of honour will be Lars-Erik Cederman, Professor at ETH Zurich and expert in the field of international conflicts.

Prof. Cederman keynote will be an in-depth analysis of ethnic nationalisms on a global scale from 1946 to 2017: an impressive quantitative research able to capture - thanks to a digital platform based on interactive maps - the evolution of the phenomenon in more than 100 countries in the world. A study that last year earned Prof. Cederman the Scientific Prize Marcel Benoist, considered the Swiss Nobel Prize.  

A welcome speech by the President of USI University Council Monica Duca Widmer will open the ceremony, followed by the official address by Rector Boas Erez, who this year will discuss - among other things - the role of the University in relation to the Swiss Italian-speaking region. The traditional awarding of honours will close the event, with the awarding of the doctorate honoris causa and the Credit Suisse Award for best teaching.


All journalists interested in taking part in the event are welcome. To register: [email protected]
For more information on the work of  Prof. Lars-Erik Cederman: