Does WikiLeaks matter? BBC interview to Philip Di Salvo

Foto Flickr Cancillería del Ecuador
Foto Flickr Cancillería del Ecuador

Institutional Communication Service

22 May 2019

Since they recently appeared in the news, the arrest of Julian Assange and the new incarceration of his source, Chelsea Manning, have captured once more the attention of international media, showing how such stories have a strong impact on the dynamics of international journalism and geopolitics. What has been the legacy of WikiLeaks more than twelve years after its foundation?

USI researcher and lecturer Philip Di Salvo took part in a BBC World Service radio panel with other international experts for a closer look at Assange’s legacy. The broadcast covered many aspects of the story, from the influence of WikiLeaks on journalistic practices, to international diplomacy, and the many controversies that the organisation had to deal with throughout the years.