USI is open in a different way


Institutional Communication Service

27 April 2020

Dear Alumni,

this particular situation has led us to wonder about the meaning of what we do at the university. What does it mean to pass on knowledge? What is the role of social life for an institution like ours? In a short time we were able to face a new challenge by implementing new distance learning practices. The University services have been kept open, but in a different way. As Rectorate, guided by sensitivity, flexibility and rationale, we are also looking at how to take into account the commitment of parents who look after their children or those who more generally have to take care of their loved ones. I am sure that most of you can relate to such issues that touch both your work and personal life, in Switzerland and in various parts of the world. Our community is part of a larger community, of which you are also a part, and which is now living in confinement and facing a changing everyday life.
Close to the Campus, in Ticino, various initiatives by USI students and staff have been launched, which show how solidarity is also a widespread value in our community. In fact, each of us can really do a lot, even with small acts of kindness. Every member of the community, in his or her own way is contributing in promoting the fact that USI remains open, although in a different way: from the students and the academic staff who publish their study and teaching experiences on social networks, to the volunteers who have made themselves available to their neighbours, or the newsletters prepared by USI's services, an important mean that allows us to stay up to date and get in touch with ideas and new points of view.
It is in this spirit that we are happy to forward you some readings and videos prepared by USI members and invite you to share your experiences with us, so as to strengthen the sense of community that now more than ever distinguishes us.
Boas Erez