COVID-19, campus protection provisions and the organisation of the academic semester


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14 January 2022

The COVID-19 situation remains uncertain and changing. USI is constantly following and adapting to the indications of the federal and cantonal authorities. This page provided updated information on the current campus regulations and semester course schedules.




Provisions for the Winter 2022 Examinations Session

USI has summarised in a single official document the extraordinary measures, already communicated, relating to the 2022 winter ordinary exam session. The document is available on the "Official documents" page ("Education" section):

Testing for COVID-19 during the exams period

From Monday, January 10, 2022, the Farmacia Del Parco SA in Viale Cattaneo 11, Lugano (near Campus) will open earlier, at 7.30AM, especially for USI students needing an official Covid-19 rapid test to obtain the relevant "3G" certificate required to sit in the exams. The special early opening time will be offered from Monday to Friday during the exams period (to check with the drugstore, call +41 91 922 80 30). To be tested it is required to present your USI personal badge and valid health insurance card. Please note that this type of test is valid for 24 hours and that the costs are covered by the federal government.

Access to the campuses and common areas

Access to the campuses is allowed only to members of the academic community (including students regularly enrolled at USI) with their personal badges and under the following conditions: 

  • A mask is required in all indoor areas and a COVID-19 certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing (3G) must be presented. Indoor areas include classrooms, study areas, open spaces, offices with two workspaces or more, hallways, stairs, bathrooms, elevators, lobbies, entryways, break rooms, and locker rooms.
  • Checks will be performed through an outsourced agency and by personnel properly trained in privacy protection. USI appeals to the individual responsibility of each person and urges maximum cooperation.


On 17 December 2021, the Federal Council issued new provisions valid as of Monday, 20 December, decreeing that the semester will end in attendance with a 3G certificate (vaccinated, recovered or tested). The government has also decided that the costs of the rapid anti-COVID-19 antigen tests required to release the certificate will again be covered by the Confederation. USI, appealing to the individual responsibility of the members of its academic community, therefore invites students and faculty without a valid certificate (recovered or vaccinated) to undergo daily testing. Spot checks will be performed to ensure that these provisions are respected. Telecommuting is again mandatory. Arrangements are to be made with service supervisors/line managers. 

Entry into Switzerland

Students and faculty coming from abroad are required to individually comply with federal regulations for entry in Switzerland. For all information, please refer to the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Vaccination campaign

USI reiterates the recommendation to vaccinate to increase the prospects for a rapid return to normalcy. For any further information, the Federal Office of Public Health website provides useful information and answers to common questions:

Other issues remain regulated by the Protective Provisions.


  • mandatory in all indoor areas


A COVID 2G Certificate is required for all non-course (Bachelor's and Master's) related activities (public or academic events).
For more information on public events: FOPH website.

More information in the Federal Council press release



Lugano campus cafeterias

A COVID 2G certificate is required to access the cafeteria and bar on the Lugano campuses. Patrons without a COVID 2G certificate can always use the take away service.

Entrance to the bar and cafeterias on both East and West Campuses is permitted only to paying customers (no picnic allowed).

Only people with a COVID 2G certificate will be allowed to sit at the tables.

Checks will be performed at the cash register by SV staff through the "Covid Certificate App".

USI has set up a few alternative spaces for dining. In particular, it is possible to find a place to eat lunch in the basement of the main building (West Campus) in the following rooms: 

  • room 150 for faculty and administrative staff;
  • rooms 120 for students.

On the East Campus the new Bar 5-0 is open.

Study spaces

At this link, the available study spaces (with COVID 3G certificate, under “Students”, section 11).


University libraries loan service

For those unable to access the internal area of the libraries, the loan service will essentially follow the procedures used during the lockdown phase of the Covid pandemic. The maximum number of people who can stay in this area at the same time is limited, so that minimum safety distances can be maintained (mask required). Users may submit requests as indicated on the libraries' websites to the following addresses:

For more information:



Special provisions are in force at the Lugano and Mendrisio campuses to prevent and continue to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Provisions regulate the use of the spaces for a number of different situations, including ordinary activities, meetings, and events.

Read the provisions



On the one hand, USI values classroom learning and university life on campus to be very important, while on the other hand it has shown that it knows how to manage online education, seizing the opportunities and ensuring a flexible and uninterrupted learning experience.

Teaching and learning in the age of COVID19




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