Students working at high altitude


Institutional Communication Service

28 September 2020

USI professors are increasingly taking their students out in the region to work on their study subject. Last week a group of students of the Master in International Tourism accompanied by Prof. Michael Gibbert spent a few days at high altitude to give its contribution to the project "Gottardo in Festa" by Sapori Ticino.

The feedback from the students was very positive, as confirmed by their experience reports. The experience on the Gotthard was meant to help appreciate the context in which the project will take place, and to which the students will focus this year. "Gottardo in Festa", has been conceived by the team of Dany Stauffacher of Sapori Ticino.

"In times like these, when lessons are held online, it was nice to be surrounded by nature and in contact with people" - underlines a student in her experience report - "and this also helped in the brainstorming process, allowing me to see the project from a different and much richer perspective". The human dimension was also very important, as also emerges from another report: "The interaction with the local people allowed me to touch the great expectations of our collaboration: this makes us want to surpass ourselves in this project, to be able to contribute as much as possible to the success of this project for the territory".