edu-ID, the new digital identity of Swiss universities, replaces the NetID


Alumni Service

26 May 2021

15 years after its introduction, the SWITCHaai digital identity - known at USI as NetID and used, for example, for the access to the CareerGate platform and the Alumni Profile - has been replaced by edu-ID.

The main difference between SWITCHaai and edu-ID lies in the fact that the former is generated by the different universities, whereas the latter is a permanent identity that is created by the users themselves and can therefore accompany them throughout their education - potentially at several universities - but also after their studies.

The edu-ID digital identity is managed for the entire Swiss academic community by SWITCH, the foundation that provides IT services to all the Swiss universities. SWITCH has taken great care to protect personal data: it is the end users who control the content of the information managed by edu-ID and the extent to which this information is visible to the various organisations that use it.

The edu-ID digital identity, already in use at USI for access to the new USI library catalogue and borrowing management platform, from 13 July 2021 has replaced the NetID for access to the remaining services, in particular the CareerGate platform and the update of the Alumni Profile page. All USI graduates need to create their own edu-ID digital identity and associate it with their activities at USI.


What should I do? Instructions:

  1. Connect to the USI edu-ID Linking Service:
  2. Press "Alumni/Guest login"
  3. If you already have an edu-ID account, enter your edu-ID credentials and press the "Login" button
  4. Otherwise, press the "Create an Account" button
  5. Fill in all fields and press the "Create User Account" button
  6. Follow the link in the confirmation email to activate the account
  7. Enter your edu-ID credentials and press the "Sign In" button
  8. Press the "Agree" button to submit the information inserted
  9. Your edu-ID account is now linked to USI


To Check to see if your edu-ID account is linked to USI:

Connect to the SWITCH edu-ID account management page:

If the connection to USI was successful, you will find "Università della Svizzera italiana" in the "Connected identities" section.


Detailed information on how to create a new edu-ID is available here and the Alumni Service will provide personal assistance (email: [email protected]).