Informatics and society: a new column for La Regione by USI


Institutional Communication Service

28 February 2022

Technology and informatics play a major role in our daily lives. Their pervasiveness offer opportunities and challenges that are not always easy to grasp. To help us better understand these often complex issues, the daily newspaper La Regione publishes a monthly feature in which USI faculty and researchers will provide insights into the varied dimensions that define the digital age.

Starting in February and continuing throughout the year 2022, USI faculty and researchers will talk about technology and digitalisation through their respective areas of expertise, which at USI range from computer science and computational systems to programming languages and software engineering, including artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies - but also information and communication technologies.

Professor Marc Langheinrich, Dean of the USI Faculty of Informatics, launches the monthly column by talking about the ubiquity of information systems and the issue of privacy.

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