Swiss Study Foundation Scholarships 


Institutional Communication Service

14 September 2022

The Swiss Study Foundation supports students who can show a strong social commitment and multiple interests. It does so by providing a number of scholarships, a training programme, seminars, summer courses, networking and counselling services.

The Foundation, ideologically and politically neutral, strives to create the best conditions for young people to develop new and creative ideas, understand their role in society and quench their thirst for knowledge. Students admitted to the support programme can access interdisciplinary educational offerings, personal counselling, and financial aid and take advantage of many opportunities to extend their network of contacts. 

Who can apply? 

Students who meet the following requirements can apply to join the Swiss Study Foundation and take advantage of the extensive support offerings: 

  • A grade average of at least 8.8 (In some instances, a grade average below 8.8 may be compensated with significant high-impact extracurricular achievements and activities, such as political, cultural and social commitments or honorary positions and merit awards) 
  • Sense of responsibility and social commitment 
  • Broad interests, intellectual curiosity and creativity 
  • Knowledge of at least two national languages 
  • At least three semesters left before completing studies (Bachelor's or Master's degree) 
  • Maximum age: 28 years old 
  • Enrollment in a recognised top university. 

More information regarding the application process is available on the dedicated website.  

More information regarding the offer, particularly the scholarships, is available on the USI website.