Nine solidarity scholarships awarded to Ukrainian students


Institutional Communication Service

15 September 2022

Solidarity Scholarships, created by Università della Svizzera italiana in 2020 to help students in need due to the pandemic, have also been extended in recent months to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. A total of 11 solidarity scholarships were granted in the spring semester, including nine students from Ukraine who hold an S permit for people in need of protection. 

The solidarity scholarships are financed by a solidarity fund and donations from academic community members, external organisations and institutions, and private individuals.

At Università della Svizzera italiana, there are 19 students from Ukraine: 16 enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes and three auditors. The students mainly attend the Faculty of Informatics and the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society. The university has also welcomed two researchers under the Scholars at Risk programme, in which USI has participated since 2016.