Healing through Music - Music therapy for dementia and neurological rehabilitation


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28 November 2022

Music therapy has produced scientific evidence in dementia, particularly in alleviating psycho-behavioural disorders. Sound and music are special mediators that can activate - even in the case of severe cognitive impairment - archaic communication that allows us to connect with our emotions and build an essential bridge for communication between the inner and outer worlds. In terms of rehabilitation, there is substantial evidence to link sound and movement with important effects on areas of the brain that control movement and, as a result, on neuromotor rehabilitation in common neurological disorders like strokes, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.


  • Alfredo Raglio, music therapist and researcher at the Maugeri IRCCS Clinical and Scientific Institutes, Pavia (I)


  • Daniele Molteni, freelance expert in music therapy


  • Luca Gabutti, USI professor and head of the EOC Department of Internal Medicine


Alfredo Raglio
After training in music and music therapy, he obtained a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences. He is head of the Music Therapy Research Laboratory at the IRCCS Maugeri Scientific Clinical Institutes in Pavia and Scientific and Educational Coordinator of Pavia University’s Masters Course in Music Therapy. He has published a wide range of scientific and popular works on music therapy.


Daniele Molteni

He obtained a diploma in music therapy at the University of Pavia, completed an advanced course in music and music therapy in neurology at Ferrara University and a four-year course at Pro Civitate Christiana in Assisi. He also completed a three-year degree course in electronic music and sound technology at the Verdi Conservatory in Como and in Music Communication Science and Technology at Milan University. He works as a music therapy consultant, lecturer and trainer.


Luca Gabutti

He is head of Internal Medicine at the Bellinzona Regional Hospital and has been a full professor at the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences since 2017. He graduated in medicine from the Lausanne University in 1990 and then obtained the title of MD at Bern University in 1996, PD and full professorship at Lausanne University in 2006 and 2012. He was fascinated by electrolyte disorders in haemodialysis and began research in internal medicine on cardiovascular risk factors, hypertension, vascular rigidity, data networking between hospitals and the quality and appropriateness of care. 


Music programme

Until it blazes for guitar - Eve Beglerian (1958*)
Performed by: Mario Strinati (guitar) and Danilo Gervasoni (live electronics)


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