Feminist strike 2023


Institutional Communication Service

29 May 2023

On 14 June 2023, a feminist strike will take place across the nation. The strike aims to address issues such as equal pay, work-family balance, and zero tolerance towards sexism in the workplace. Critical gender issues will be discussed at USI.
The West Campus Lugano's USI Truck will be tinted purple and set up to promote exchange, discussion, and reflection. All professors, staff members, post-docs, PhD students, and students are invited to participate in the campus initiatives and the rally in Bellinzona, beginning at 5:30 pm in Piazza del Sole. USI fully supports the on-campus initiatives and strike participation, despite the inability to clear the exam dates. We respect the decision of those who choose not to participate.

On 14 June 2019, more than 500,000 people marched in the streets of Switzerland and USI also actively participated in the feminist strike. However, much work still needs to be done, and discussions need to be further deepened. As a privileged space for exchanging ideas and educating the younger generation, the University is responsible for raising awareness of gender equality and women's rights to drive change. 


USI Truck is tinted Purple

On 14 June, from 8:30 am to 4 pm, the USI Truck at West Campus Lugano will be set up to promote exchange, discussion and reflection opportunities. During the day, the entire community is invited to participate in the proposed initiatives and to visit the exhibition Tracce di donne (traces of women) set up in collaboration with the Associazione Archivi Riuniti Donne Ticino, which enhances the memory of women's work in Ticino and promotes knowledge of gender history.



"Bring your Lunch", 12 noon
Let's spend lunchtime together on the USI lawn to share our ideas and reflections.

Lo spiegone, at 1pm
A bit of history with Elena Nuzzo of the Archivi Riuniti Donne Ticino Association

Traces of women 
This exhibition is a collaboration with the Associazione Archivi Riuniti Donne Ticino, which aims to raise awareness about the history of women's work in Ticino and promote knowledge about gender history.

Implicit Prejudice: How aware are you?
Take the Implicit Association test to find out. - by USI in Ascolto and the Equal Opportunities Service

Equality box - Why strike? Why not?
Leave your thoughts in the equality box at the Equality Service office entrance (Office 202) from 31 May 2023. Please also note that the equality box, a unique letterbox, collects and anonymously any requests for support, reports, thoughts and suggestions on gender, equal opportunities and diversity issues.

Publication of the Gender Balance Sheet
On 14 June, the new issue of USI's Gender Balance will be published, a qualitative-quantitative reporting tool that analyses the institution's situation from a gender equality perspective. USI is one of the first public law institutions in the Canton of Ticino to adopt it. USI is conducting the project in collaboration with the Equi-lab association and with the support of swissuniversities.

Round table discussion 
A few days later, on Friday, 16 June 2023, at 5.00 pm in room A11 (West Campus Lugano), the reflection will continue with the public encounter "Mind the gender gap", underlining the importance of remaining vigilant and being aware of the wage disparities and discrimination still in place. Starting with the publication of USI's Gender Balance Sheet, the topic will be discussed in depth by State Councillor Marina Carobbio Guscetti, the Appointed Rector Luisa Lambertini, the Pro-Rector for Equal Opportunities Sonja Hildebrand and a representative of Equi-lab. An aperitif will follow.


For further information and ideas, please contact the USI Equal Opportunities Service.