Gender budgeting report

The Equal Opportunities Service is responsible for the preparation of USI's first Gender budgeting report. The Gender budgeting report is a quali-quantitative reporting tool that analyses the institution's situation from the point of view of gender parity.

USI is one of the first public institutions in the Canton of Ticino to adopt a Gender budgeting report. The project is being conducted by USI in collaboration with the Equi-lab association and with the support of swissuniversities.

The Gender budgeting report is the result of a complex process, involving various Services and administrative units of USI in order to:

  • Map the institution's operational context: the gender balance in the various components of the university community and its governing bodies; the attention to diversity in regulations and legal bases; the policies and projects undertaken in favour of work/life balance.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken by USI in favour of equal opportunities in all its fields of action (research, teaching, administration) and of the human and financial resources allocated to this field.
  • Planning effective and specific strategies to meet the needs of the USI community in terms of equal opportunities and to foster a work and education context that is increasingly mindful of diversity and more and more inclusive.

The first edition of USI’s Gender budgeting report will be published on this page in 2023.