Equal opportunities at USI

Welcome to the thematic area dedicated to equal opportunities at USI.

The principle of equal opportunities prohibits any direct or indirect discrimination based on gender, age, ethnic and cultural background, sexual orientation, physical and mental conditions.

In line with its inspiring values, USI is committed to implementing and promoting a culture of equity, inclusion and valorisation of diversity both within its own community and in its relations with external organizations.

In order to promote the actualization of these principles, USI has a dedicated administrative unit, the Equal Opportunities Service.

The Delegation for Equal Opportunities is also active at USI, with the aim of assisting the Rectorate in the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities in the procedures for the recruitment, promotion and tenure appointment of academic staff, as well as in the activities of the Fondo Istituzionale per la Ricerca (FIR).

The Delegation meets at least once a semester and is composed of a pro-rector who chairs it, members of the higher academic and professorial body of each faculty (professors and/or lecturers/researchers) and the head of the Service for Equal Opportunities (coordinator).

The Delegation for Equal Opportunities is currently composed of:

ARC     Carla Mazzarelli

COM   Jolanta Drzewiecka, Giacomo Jori

INF      Michael Multerer, Natasha Sharygina

ECO     Paul Gouvard

BIOMED   Andrea Papadia, Chiara Zecca


Ilaria Espa (ECO) (Delegate for Equal Opportunities in the Research Committee)

Francesca Scalici (Head of Equal Opportunities Service)

Sonja Hildebrand (ARC) Chair