Partnerships on equal opportunities

The Equal Opportunities Service favors a perspective of networking and collaboration, both within the University, through the involvement of the Faculties and Services in the implementation of a number of actions, and outside, by providing synergistic interventions with other equality bodies operating at cantonal and national level.

For over a decade, USI and SUPSI collaborate profitably even in the field of gender policies. In 2016, the two universities have signed a specific collaboration agreement on equal opportunities and diversity in order to further enhance and streamline strategies and joint actions in this area.

  • Bureaux de l'égalité des universités et hautes écoles de Suisse latine (BULA)


Since 2000, the Equal Opportunities Officies of the universities of Latin Switzerland cooperate in the promotion of common projects and initiatives. The "L'égalité au service des universités et hautes écoles" booklet presents the activities performed during the first 10 years of activity.

  • Conference of the delegates for equal opportunities in the universities and high schools in Switzerland (KOFRAH/CODEFUHES)

Since 1991, the KOFRAH/CODEFUHES plays an important role in the development of a policy to promote equal opportunities in the swiss universities.

The Service also collaborates with the Commissione cantonale per le pari opportunità fra i sessi and women's associations that work in the Canton for the realization of specific projects and the dissemination of awareness campaigns.

To evaluate the opportunities for collaboration, please contact please contact the Equal Opportunities Service.