Book launch: Montagne e territori ibridi tra urbanità e ruralità

Laboratorio di Storia delle Alpi

Date: 23 June 2023

The launch of Mountains and Hybrid Territories between Urbanity and Rurality will take place at the Dedalus Bookstore (Via Torrebianca 21, Trieste) as part of the side events at ON THE EDGE, the fourth edition of the "Theaters of Sound" festival. The event is organized by Cantierezero and dedicated to the cultured music of our time and its many connections with the arts and thought. The festival continues the investigation into the concept of the threshold as a mestizo zone of coexistence, transformation, and plural identity, which began with the last edition. This year, the festival will delve into the exploration of the suggestions proposed by the English expression "on the edge": which means to be in a precarious and unstable position, to accept risk, to look into the abyss, but also to be in the vanguard, to push beyond the rigidity of conventions, to accept a challenge with courage.