A day with drones and artificial intelligence


Institutional Communication Service

21 June 2023

USI Software Institute collaborated with the IngCh association to organise workshops for second-year students of Liceo di Lugano 2. The workshops focused on drone programming and the development of artificial intelligence models for autonomous driving.

On 13 June, 41 students from the Physics and Mathematics Applications programme at Liceo di Lugano 2 participated in workshops and activities designed by USI Software Institute as part of Technology Week, which IngCh organised.

Throughout the day, the students were able to create artificial intelligence models and apply them to autonomous driving using track models. Additionally, they learned about programming drones and their practical applications. The workshops were designed to encourage student engagement with technology-related subjects.

Under the guidance of Matteo Biagiola, a PostDoc at the Software Institute, students were able to develop artificial intelligence models to be applied in autonomous driving using track models. Similarly, Roberto Minelli, the Academic Coordinator of the Software Institute, led a drone workshop where students received basic training on drone operation, laws, and regulations, and then programmed the drones for small missions.

"The Software Insitute was delighted to take part in this initiative, which is part of USI's third mission, i.e. to support the region's development by contributing to the transfer of knowledge," commented Mauro Prevostini, programme manager at USI Faculty of Informatics.

"The students enjoyed this day and some left enthusiastic," commented Laurie Cortesi (Project Manager for Ticino at IngCH).